Linus Morales was born in the 80’s in south of Sweden.
He had a great interest in skateboarding and spray painting,
finally landing in his passion for photography.Linus has a unique style of fashion photography and art combined. His strength is in capturing models in a cinematic way.
He has a special eye for graphic and clean lines and wants to create something unique in every image.When not working, he makes his own ideas come to life. For example the project ”FabFood” that eventually ended up hanging outside the late Karl Lagerfelds office in the Chanel Headquarters in Paris.

Today Linus is based in Paris and works with clients like Prada, Kenzo, Acen Studios, Séfr, H&M, L’Officiel, Kinfolk, Dansk Magazine, Cereal Magazine...

Represented at Lomo Mgmt in Scandinavia. 
+46 (0)70-975 1315

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